Carved Buffets

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ID: CelB Celebration Fork Buffet
wed Celebration Buffet

Egg and Prawn Mayonnaise
Pate with Toast and Salad Garnish
Florida Cocktail
Tuna Waldorf Salad
Prawn Cocktail
Peaches with Ham and Cottage Cheese

Roast Turkey, Ham, Beef or Pork
Platters of Seafood
(Dressed Salmon, Tuna, Prawns, Mackerel, Goujons of Plaice)
Hot New Potatoes with Parsley Butter
Hot Ratatouille
Stuffed Eggs
Hot Vol au Vents
Gala Pie
Broccoli & Stilton and Mushroom & Pepper Quiche
Cheese and Pineapple
Carrot and Sultana Salad
Mediterranean Rice Salad
Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Ring
Buttered French Bread

Choice of Sweets from any List

A Selection of English and Continental Cheeses
with Crackers and Butter

Coffee with Mints

Price per head inclusive of full waitress service 22.00(Max waitress service 2.5 hours above this will be charged at 15 per hour per waitress)

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ID: CFB Carved Fork Buffet
This Buffet includes Waitress Service and All Tableware

Platters of Roast Turkey or Fresh Dressed Salmon
Ham, Beef all garnished with salad

Continental Meat and Cheese Platter or Seafood Platter
(Goujons of Plaice and Cod Bites, Tuna, Prawns and Mackerel)
Eggs Paprika in Mayonnaise
Pate with French Bread
Quiche or Samosas
Gala Pie or Savoury Jalousie
Vol au Vents with Creamy Mushroom & Coronation Chicken and Cheese and onion fillings
CruditTs and Dips
Waldorf Salad
Provencal Rice Salad
Tomato, Cucumber Ring with Fresh Herb Dressing

Choice of Sweets from any List

Coffee with Cream

Price per Head 15.95

£15.95   Zoom
ID: cfb1 Carved Fork Buffet 1
Platters of Roast Ham, Roast Beef, or Turkey all Garnished with Salads.
Platters of Continental Meats and Cheeses or Seafood Platter
Pork Pie
Vol au Vents filled with Creamy Mushroom & Coronation Chicken
Eggs Paprika
Italian Pasta Salad
Provencal Rice Salad
Celery, Nut and Raisin Salad
Tomato, Cucumber & Onion Ring or
Dressed Green Salad Bowl
Roll and Butter
Choice of Sweets

Price per head 9.95 or 12.95 with 2.5 hours service and Tea/Coffee.

£9.95   Zoom
ID: dti1 Dressed to Impress

Dressed to Impress

Smoked Salmon Rolls with Dill Mayonnaise
Smoked Chicken on Ciabatta Bread
Mini Bouchees with:
Cream Cheese & Caviar
Smoked Salmon
Prawn & Cream Cheese
Pastry Barquettes with:
Blue Cheese & Onion
Garlic & Mushroom
Coronation Chicken
Hot & Kickin Chicken Dippers
Dipping Breaded Mushrooms
Corn Sticks
An Indian Selection of Mini Bhajis, Samosas & Pakoras
With Mango Chutney & Yoghurt/Mint Dips
Cheese & Broccoli Mini Quiches
Assorted Piccolinos
Vegetable Satay
Trays of Mixed CanapT Bites on Pumpernickel and Crackers

PRICE PER HEAD 15.00 Inc Vat

£15.00   Zoom
ID: efb1 Executive Fork Buffet
Smoked Salmon Rolls
Cream Cheese & Asparagus Rolls
Roast Beef Triangles with Horseradish
Prawn Triangles with Marie Rose
Cheese & Sring Onion Rolls
Roast Ham with Mustard in Granary Bread
Pastry Barquettes with Coronation Chicken, Creamy Mushrooms/Blue Cheese & Onion Filling
Assorted Mini Quiches
Mushroom Lattices
Stuffed Eggs
Chicken Medallions
Corn Fire Sticks/Jelapeno Peppers/Mushroom Boats/Zuccini/Cheese & Tomato Sticks/Mini Spring Rolls/Bagelonis/Pizza
Provencal Rice Salad or Pepper & Beansprout Salad
Pasta and Bean Salad
Crudites, Tomato, Cucumber and Onion Ring
Choice of Sweets

£12.00   Zoom